Artist Statement

I have always loved drawing and exploring the interactions of shading, shapes, and colors through various media. Most of my creative ideas come from my experiences and inner visions of nature, which are expressed in my artwork.

The concept of light is a major theme in my artwork. In designing, I strive to incorporate various levels of the meaning of light, and what it does to nature. In drawings, light is achieved by gradations of shading creating contrasts in black and white. In pastels and paintings, light is achieved through the blending of color pigments and the reflective aspect of paint.

Expressing the qualities of light in tapestry weaving is different from expressing these traits in drawings, pastels, or paintings. Tapestry is accomplished by weaving a "dot" of color, one by one, until a shape is created. Each dot is separate and distinct. At a distance, these dots combine with one another to create a shape. Light is achieved by the interaction of colored yarns.